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Roll ’em! VIFF 2023 is on Now

Join us in celebrating VIFF’s 42nd year with a stellar lineup of some of the world’s best cinema. From September 28 to October 8, you’ll be treated to over 138 films from 70+ countries, talks with industry leaders and unique one-night-only live cinematic experiences. Treat yourself or bring friends and enjoy the power of exceptional cinema together.

Today’s Highlights

Seven Veils film image

Seven Veils

Oct 1 & 4

“Atom Egoyan’s take on a familiar theme is so feverish that one can’t help being swept up in its mad vision.” – Screen International

Directed by: Atom Egoyan
Country: Canada

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TÓTEM film image


Oct 1 & 4

“Tótem is a film of unexpected beauty…” – Slant Magazine
Winner: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Berlin 2023; Best Director, Beijing 2023

Directed by: Lila Avilés
Country: Mexico/Denmark/France

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Fitting In film image

Fitting In

Oct 1 & 2

“Personal, raw, and at times wickedly funny…” – The Daily Beast

Directed by: Molly McGlynn
Country: Canada

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Invisible Beauty film image

Invisible Beauty

Oct 1 & 7

Invisible Beauty will likely make you hungry for Hardison’s book. But in a twist, one might wonder, can it be as good as the movie?” – Variety

Directed by: Bethann Hardison & Frédéric Tcheng
Country: USA

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Animalia film image


Oct 1 & 7

Winner: Special Jury Award, Sundance 2023

Directed by: Sofia Alaoui
Country: Morocco/France/Qatar

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Invention of the Other film image

The Invention of the Other

Oct 1

A powerful, intimate portrait of people who have never encountered an “other”.

Directed by: Bruno Jorge
Country: Brazil

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A Cooler Climate film image

A Cooler Climate

Oct 2

Oscar-winning filmmaker James Ivory (A Room with a View, Call Me by Your Name) takes a look back at his life in this warm, engrossing documentary.

Directed by: James Ivory & Giles Gardner
Country: France

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Four Daughters film image

Four Daughters

Oct 2 & 8

“Gripping… sometimes provocative, sometimes moving, and sometimes, unexpectedly, very funny.” – Variety

Directed by: Kaouther Ben Hania
Country: Tunisia/France/Germany/Saudi Arabia

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They Shot the Piano Player film image

They Shot the Piano Player

Oct 2 & 4

Chico & Rita team Fernando Trueba and animator Javier Mariscal return with another animated musical docu-fiction voiced by Jeff Goldblum, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Joao Gilberto, Vinicius de Moraes.

Directed by: Fernando Trueba & Javier Mariscal
Country: Spain/France

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Kim's Video film image

Kim’s Video

Oct 6 & 8

“A Playful Heist Documentary Steals Back One of the World’s Greatest Movie Collections.” – IndieWire

Directed by: David Redmon & Ashley Sabin
Country: USA/UK/France

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The Invention of the Other

Documentary Human Rights & Social Justice

In 2019, FUNAI, a Brazilian state protection agency working for Indigenous rights, sent an expedition of 30 people into the Amazon rainforest to make first contact with the Korubo. This powerful film is an immersive ethnographic journey.

International Village 10
Women in front of tree roots exhibition


A new exhibition that explores the potential of creative technology and its role in shaping our shared futures. This new addition to VIFF showcases ground-breaking interactive and immersive work from local and international artists.

Bentall II
VIFF Short Forum: Program 2

VIFF Short Forum: Program 2


Get in for a rollercoaster journey through the depths of struggle and perseverance. Not for the faint of heart, this collection is as difficult as it is beautiful.

International Village 8

Fallen Leaves

Award Winners Comedy Romance

Ansi meets Holappa, and these two lonely souls feel they are meant for each other, but Fate may have other ideas... Aki Kaurismäki crafts a poignant and pertinent comedy which picked up the Jury Prize at Cannes.

Vancouver Playhouse

Four Little Adults

Comedy Drama Women Directors

Upon learning of her husband's year long affair, Juulia proposes an open marriage free of secrets. As a polyamory guide becomes their bible, Juulia falls in love with someone new, filling their journey in polyamory with love, compassion, and compromise.

Park Theatre

The Mission


In 2018, an American missionary traveled illegally to one of the most isolated places on Earth– North Sentinel Island, determined to convert one of the world’s most isolated populations to Christianity. This misguided mission would quickly see him killed.

International Village 9


VIFF Live is a series of live performances that push the boundaries of traditional film festival programming, intersecting cinema culture with music, comedy, podcasting, and performance in unique, cinema-infused live shows.

Sam Green: 32 Sounds

An immersive documentary and profound sensory experience from filmmaker Sam Green that explores the elemental phenomenon of sound.

Vancouver Playhouse
The Ironworks Series: Daniel Barrow
Winnipeg Babysitter image

The Ironworks Series: Daniel Barrow

In the late 70s and 80s, Winnipeg experienced a golden age of public access television. Winnipeg Babysitter traces unique vignettes from a brief synapse in broadcasting history when Winnipeg cable companies were mandated to provide public access.

The Ironworks Series: Cris Derksen
Cris Derksen image

The Ironworks Series: Cris Derksen

Juno-nominated Cris Derksen, an internationally respected Indigenous cellist and composer, introduces audiences to the unforgettable virtuosity that led to working with some of Canada’s finest - and her break-out solo career.

The Ironworks Series: Miwa Matreyek & Sammy Chien
Miwa Matreyek & Sammy Chien Ironworks Live series

The Ironworks Series: Miwa Matreyek & Sammy Chien

A unique opportunity to experience two performances. Miwa Matreyek creates a dreamlike meditation on climate catastrophe, whilst Sammy Chien uses the technologies of real-time performance software to create connections between image, sound and movement.


VIFF Talks

VIFF Talks connect fans of film culture with the brilliant minds behind the work they love. The 2023 lineup features expertly moderated conversations with a wide range of experts from creators to showrunners, directors, writers, producers, and craftspeople celebrated for their outstanding contributions to groundbreaking film and television.

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