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The Parallax View

The most lucid and ingenious, the most deeply, creepily satisfying of paranoia thrillers, Alan J. Pakula's film posits an assassination corporation. Reporter Joe Frady (Warren Beatty) is on to Them, or so he believes…

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The biggest hit from the 70s phase of Brian De Palma's career, Carrie takes Stephen King's horror novel about a troubled telekinetic teen and weaves it into a purely cinematic rhapsody of angst and (retali-)elation, what Pauline Kael termed "a terrifyingly lyrical thriller".

VIFF Centre - Studio Theatre

All the President's Men

This gripping account of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's investigation into the Watergate break-in is a masterclass of cinematic craft from director Alan J Pakula (Klute; The Parallax View) and DP Gordon Willis (The Godfather).

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Phantom of the Paradise

De Palma’s delirious mash-up of Phantom of the Opera, Faust, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and 70s glam-rock is the musical/horror/comedy freak-out that Rocky Horror wanted to be.

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A passion project for producer-star Warren Beatty, this frothy boudoir comedy of Beverly Hills manners views its hairdresser hero's bed-hopping with a certain sadness. Goldie Hawn, Julie Christie, Lee Grant and Carrie Fisher come along for the ride.

VIFF Centre - Studio Theatre

Mikey and Nicky

Marked for assassination, lowly gangster Mikey (John Cassavetes) calls his best friend, Nicky (Peter Falk), the only man he can trust, and they deviate around New York City all night, one step ahead of a professional hitman (Ned Beatty).

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Anonymous Club

A raw and intimate picture of enigmatic singer-songwriter, Courtney Barnett – an anti-influencer who is a powerful voice for our times, a recluse acclaimed by audiences the world over and a strong female artist in conflict with herself.


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Ragged Glory: Summer in the 70s

Ragged Glory Key Art

Running Until Sep 4

We’re rewinding through the short, pungent era of the New American Cinema. It was a troubled and tumultuous time and it gave rise to a new kind of American movie: cynical, anti-authoritarian, violent and sexually frank, self-critical… in a word: grown-up.

All tickets $10; Series Pass $99 ($70 for VIFF+ Members)

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In the Spotlight

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Richard Dreyfuss sees something in the sky which suggests... transcendence? Spectacular but also grounded, of all Spielberg's blockbusters Close Encounters may be the one that holds up best.

VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Philip Kaufman (The Right Stuff) updates Don Siegel's 1956 paranoia classic with Donald Sutherland trying to figure which are the alien pod people and which are the Californians.

VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre VIFF Centre - Studio Theatre

Between the Lines

The second film by Joan Micklin Silver (after Hester Street) is a spiky indie comedy about an alternative newspaper (not unlike our Georgia Straight) hitting hard times as the counterculture drifts toward the cynical careerism of the 80s.

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Crime Scenes

Thursdays through July and August we’re celebrating mobsters, sociopaths and private dicks as we highlight these classic crime thrillers, detectives, mysteries and suspense films under the magnifying glass.


All tickets $10

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First Look Fridays

Enjoy $10 tickets + complimentary tea & coffee at the first Friday matinee screening of these films.

Dear Audrey

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes, but you might be hard pressed to find a more compassionate one than Jeremiah Hayes' film about Martin, his third wife, Audrey, and their daughter Jacqueline.

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Girl Picture

Three teenage girls find friendship, fall in love, fall out, experiment with boys, experiment with each other across three ordinary weekends in Finland, in Alli Haapasalo's fresh, funny and true coming of age movie. 100% Fresh, Rotten Tomatoes

VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre VIFF Centre - Studio Theatre

The Good Boss

Winner of 6 Goya Awards including Best Film, this shrewd Spanish satire is blessed with a typically charismatic and double-edged performance from Javier Bardem as proudly paternalistic patrón Blanco. The movie, like Blanco, is charming but ruthless.

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All My Puny Sorrows

Despite a failed marriage and a floundering writing career, Yoli is primarily concerned about her sister Elf, a renowned pianist who’s ready to end her enviable life. A refreshingly candid, deeply affecting adaptation of Miriam Toews' beloved novel.

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Sleepy Pangnirtung, Nunavut transforms into a battleground when Inuit teens confront shapeshifting alien invaders. Drawing from Hollywood classics and traditional Inuit stories, Slash/Back boasts a warrior spirit that's as endearing as it is indomitable.

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Hit the Road

In his feature debut, Panah Panahi turns the road movie on its head. Hit the Road is the story of one family and their mysterious journey through rural Iran: there are laughs, moments of reverie, and plenty of opportunities for the cast to shine.

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