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VIFF 2022 is on Now!

We are excited to share the stellar line-up for the 41st Vancouver International Film Festival, September 29 – October 9. Over 130 films, 100 shorts, talks and special events will light up the screens and stages across Vancouver.

Today's Highlights

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Award Winners Experimental & Avant Garde Women Directors

Timid foley artist Eva's latest project, creating sound effects for a medication commercial starring a dark bay horse, releases her inhibitions and transforms her physical form beyond the realm of possibility.

International Village 8 The Rio Theatre
International Shorts: Connect/Disconnect/Reconnect
Island of Freedom film image, director Petr Januschka

International Shorts: Connect/Disconnect/Reconnect


The films in this shorts program are all about connections. People connecting with one another, dealing with change, or rediscovering a part of themselves and their past.

International Village 8

Dancing Pina


Choreographer Pina Bausch's brilliance lives on as the Dresden Semperoper Ballet rehearses her Iphigenia in Tauris and dancers in Senegal breathe new life to The Rite of Spring. A fascinating insight into the lives of dancers and the power of movement.

International Village 9 SFU Woodwards


Drama Women Directors

Lynn (Yao Honggui), a 20-something looking forward to a career as a flight attendant, has a pushy, patriarchal boyfriend and a mother deep in debt. When she finds herself pregnant, she decides to sell her unborn child to her mother's debtors.

The Cinematheque

Plan 75

Award Winners Drama Human Rights & Social Justice Women Directors

In a near future Japan, seniors aged 75-plus are encouraged to voluntarily euthanize themselves for the good of society. While the plan seems to solve the dilemma, everyone involved questions the morality of it.

International Village 10

Last Flight Home

Documentary Women Directors

In January 2021, filmmaker Ondi Timoner's father Eli told his family that he was ready to die—as soon as California law would allow. A vérité record of the patriarch's last few weeks on earth and a testament to a different measure of fulfillment.

International Village 9

Festival Spotlights

Riceboy Sleeps film image, director Anthony Shim

BC Spotlight Shines Bright

VIFF is proud to showcase homegrown talent from across BC’s local industry. From a psychological drama of a whistleblower on an Okanagan peach farm to a coming-of-age story of an Asian-Canadian teenager in East Vancouver, to a lyrical reflection on grief and healing, these features illustrate the richness and depth of the stories being told by this province’s filmmakers.

Image: Anthony Shim’s Riceboy Sleeps, Winner of TIFF 2022’s Platform Jury Award

Must See BC!

Showcase VIFF series

VIFF's New Showcase Series

This year’s Showcase films will delight Vancouver audiences with their formidable cinematic craft and nuanced storytelling. The films offer us a glimpse into the creative process of one of the world’s greatest living choreographers, delve into the complexities of motherhood and female friendships, and offer insights into the psyches of serial killers and those determined to stop them.

Image: Kamila Andini’s Before, Now & Then, Winner of Berlin 2022’s Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance

See All Films

Black Ice film image, director Hubert Davis

Films For U18

From stories of youth exploring identity to films that capture historical moments and reveal previously untold stories, great cinema can inspire, educate and engage.

Every year a selection of excellent films are rated for young cinema fans to experience and enjoy.

Image: Hubert Davis’ Black Ice, Winner of TIFF 2022’s People’s Choice Documentary Award



An Evening with Michael Abels

Composer, Nope, Get Out, Us

Featuring Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Two-time Emmy-nominated composer Michael Abels is known for his genre-defying scores for the Jordan Peele films Get Out, Nope, and Us, for which Abels won a World Soundtrack Award, the Jerry Goldsmith Award, a Critics Choice nomination, and multiple critics awards. Join us for an intimate evening of insight, creativity, and performances of Abels’ music, featuring the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Oct 6, 7:00-8:30 pm, Vancouver Playhouse

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Nosferatu film image


A Symphony of Horror

Destructive pop duo BIG KILL (the latest project from We Are the City’s Cayne McKenzie and Andrew Huculiak) resurrects horror centenarian Nosferatu in the gothic setting of St. Andrew’s-Wesley for a spellbinding night of hyper pop frenzy. Cinema’s first adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, F.W. Murnau’s masterpiece casts a long shadow over the history of movie horror. A viral hit, Nosferatu emerged just four years after the 1918 H1N1 pandemic claimed the lives of 50 million souls, fanning fears of the Other.


Oct 4, 8:00-9:30pm, St Andrew’s Wesley United Church

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Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits

One of the best rock climbers in the world, Adam Ondra prepares for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. An intimate portrait of devotion and dedication to the art of climbing alongside the mental and physical toll it takes along the path to greatness.

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After some petty theft grants three queer adolescents admission to a Toronto gay club, they are left to confront dark consequences. Joseph Amenta’s debut feature is a love letter to friendships and a testament to the queer community’s perseverance.

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What We Do Next

A New York City councilwoman, a corporate lawyer, and a newly released convict are pitted against each other in a web of blackmail as they walk the razor’s edge between their morals and the standard judicial process.

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Concrete Valley
Concrete Valley film image, director Antoine Bourges

Concrete Valley

A Syrian doctor struggles to hold on to his identity as his family adjusts to life in Canada. Director Antoine Bourges (Fail to Appear) continues his social realist project, turning a lens this time to struggles faced by new immigrants to Canada.

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Soviet Bus Stops

It may sound esoteric but this is a joyous film about the historical anomaly of whimsical, eccentric, aesthetically audacious bus stops that permeated the vast Soviet Bloc, lovingly, obsessively tracked down by Canadian photographer Chris Herwig.

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In this zippy doc, we learn about a new way of representing the past, and meet community curators and archivists from across BC whose mission is to share the secret, neglected, and untold histories of this place we only think we know.

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8 Stories About My Hearing Loss

In this autobiographical documentary, director Charo Mato flits between childhood stories, the science of hearing loss, and the poetry of life and language to explore the stories of the d/Deaf and hard of hearing while resisting a monolithic experience.

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A Fire Inside
A Fire Inside, directors Justin Krook and Luke Mazzaferro

A Fire Inside

During Australia's apocalyptic bushfires in 2019-2020, volunteer firefighters put their lives on the line to save their communities. A clarion call about climate change and an ode to the camaraderie of strangers standing together in the midst of a crisis.

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The Klabona Keepers

The Klabona Keepers is a fierce account of the Tahltan Nation's struggle to protect the Klabona Sacred Headwaters from commercial mining. Interspersing verité cinematography with interviews, the film documents the tactics used by the land defenders.

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Ever Deadly
Ever Deadly film image, co-directors Tanya Tagaq and Chelsea McMullan

Ever Deadly

Ever Deadly is an intimate portrait of the acclaimed Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq, combining exceptional performance recordings with interviews, verité camerawork, archival material, and hand-drawn animation.

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Hopper - An American Love Story
Hopper - An American Love Story film image, director Phil Grabsky

Hopper - An American Love Story

A realist on the surface, Edward Hopper always suggested worlds beyond his compositions, distilling a vivid, solitary sense of life in the 20th century. This doc from the Exhibition on Screen series explores America's favourite artist. World Premiere.

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Unemployed and emasculated in the shadow of his father and older brother, Haider accepts a job at a theatre as a backup dancer for Biba, a trans woman trying to succeed as an erotic dancer, hiding the truth from his family as he begins an affair with her.

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The Forger
The Forger film image, director Maggie Peren

The Forger

Based on a true story, Cioma Schönhaus, a young Jewish man living in 1942 Berlin, forges passports for Jewish people to escape the country. Instead of hiding, he impersonates military personnel so he can live life, risking discovery by the Gestapo.

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The Hermit of Treig

In this rather special film, Lizzie MacKenzie trains her camera on octogenarian Ken Smith, who has lived more than four decades off-the-grid on the shores of Loch Treig, in the Scottish Highlands. This cheerful hermit is a personable storyteller.

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The Killing of a Journalist
The Killing of a Journalist film image, director Matt Sarnecki

The Killing of a Journalist

Matt Sarnecki explores the murder of a Slovak reporter in a documentary that grips like a true page-turner: among the story ingredients are gangsters, crooked cops, blackmail, hidden thumb drives, and assassination plots via emoji-laced text messages.

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Moja Vesna

Ten-year-old Moja has her hands full taking care of her pregnant sister Vesna and their grief-stricken father, all reeling from the sudden loss of their mother. A stirring debut by Cannes Cinéfondation alumna Sara Kern.

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Once Upon a Time in Calcutta

Aditya Vikram Sengupta explores the depths and vagaries of the human condition through an agoraphobic recluse, a young man working in a chit fund, and a TV host striking out for a new life against the backdrop of a crumbling, nostalgia-mired Calcutta.

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This candid observational documentary gives us the inside story on the rise of Extinction Rebellion, the environmental protest movement which injected new urgency into climate activism. An empowering testament to the inspiring impact of direct action.

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Cesária Évora
Cesária Évora film image, director Ana Sofia Fonseca

Cesária Évora

Ana Sofia Fonseca's documentary about legendary singer Cesária Évora offers a rare glimpse into the Queen of Morna's mischievous humour, her love of Capo Verde, and her extraordinary ability to translate emotion into melody.

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Day After...
Day After... film image, director Kamar Ahmad Simon

Day After...

The Rocket—a paddle steamer—has been ferrying rich and poor through Bangladesh for the best part of a century. This kinetic and artfully chaotic hybrid documentary immerses us in a two-day journey and gives us a vivid snapshot of the country.

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The Word

In 1968 Czechoslovakia, a small-town notary refuses to join the Communist Party. Inspired by director Beata Parkanová's own grandparents, The Word depicts the intimate lives of Václav and Věra and their bond in the face of political intimidation.

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In the Dominican Republic, Yarisa works as a maid and a nanny for a wealthy, powerful family. When she suffers a personal tragedy, she must re-evaluate the last two decades of her life and her relationship with the family to whom she has given so much.

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If You Are a Man

Thirteen-year-old Opio works at a gold mine in Burkina Faso. It’s a harsh existence, and to earn the money for an education that might liberate him from it, the child must take a new, dangerous step in his occupation.

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The Melt Goes On Forever: The Art and Times of David Hammons

The Melt Goes On Forever chronicles the elusive and provocative African-American artist David Hammons' body of work, which is firmly rooted in the questioning of dominant culture and exposing racial injustice.

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