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2022 Awards and Competitions

VIFF 2022 Juried Awards

VIFF 2022 Audience Awards

The Grizzlie Truth film image, director Kathleen S. Jayme

Galas & Special Presentations

The Grizzlie Truth (Kathleen S. Jayme)

Crystal Pite: Angels' Atlas film image, director Chelsea McMullan


Crystal Pite: Angels’ Atlas (Chelsea McMullan)

The Blue Caftan film image, director Maryam Touzani


The Blue Caftan (Maryam Touzani)

Harvest Moon film image, director Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam


Harvest Moon (Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam)

Riceboy Sleeps film image, director Anthony Shim

Northern Lights

Riceboy Sleeps (Anthony Shim)

The Klabona Keepers film image, co-directors Tamo Campos and Jasper Snow-Rosen


The Klabona Keepers (Tamo Campos, Jasper Snow-Rosen)

The Hermit of Treig film image, director Lizzie MacKenzie


The Hermit of Treig (Lizzie MacKenzie)

Lay Down Your Heart film image, director Marie Clements


Lay Down Your Heart (Marie Clements)

Rodeo film image, director Lola Quivoron

Altered States

Rodeo (Lola Quivoron)