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Inxeba film image; two men in woods

Brimming with sex and violence, The Wound is an exploration of tradition and sexuality set amid South Africa’s Xhosa culture. Every year, Xhosa young men are brought to the mountains of the Eastern Cape to participate in an ancient coming-of-age ritual. Xolani, a quiet and sensitive factory worker (played by openly gay musician Nakhane Touré), is assigned to guide Kwanda, a city boy from Johannesburg sent by his father to be toughened up, through this rite of passage into manhood. As Kwanda defiantly negotiates his queer identity within this masculine environment, he quickly recognizes the nature of Xolani’s relationship with fellow guide Vija. The three men commence a dangerous dance with each other and their own desires and, soon, the threat of exposure elevates the tension to breaking point.


Mar 27: Intro by curator Fegor Obuwoma


In an examination of the forced rigidity of masculinity in society, we follow several boys accompanied by men from their community through a fading practice of initiation into manhood. Inxeba considers queer modes of survival hidden between the roles of conformity and rebellion. Presenting the interrelations between queerness, land, the importance of tradition, belonging, and love, Inxeba is a portrait of existing for another and finding meaning there, even when called to sacrifice all.

Fegor Obuwoma, …to glimpse: African Cinema Now! Curator


A stunning debut from South African filmmaker John Trengove.

Leah Pickett, Chicago Reader

The film surges. Then it simmers. [It] may not please everyone, but it certainly leaves you shaking.

Donald Clarke, Irish Times


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John Trengove


Nakhane Touré, Bongile Mantsai, Niza Jay Ncoyini, Thobani Mseleni

Country of Origin

South Africa/Germany/Netherlands/France




In Xhosa with English subtitles

88 min

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Wednesday March 27

7:30 pm
Guests/Q&As Hearing Assistance Subtitles
VIFF Centre - Studio Theatre
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