Black History Month: Everywhere We Are

Available to watch on VIFF Connect from Feb 5 - March 4, 2021

Celebrating Black voices in cinema, VIFF’s Black History Month film series shines a spotlight on powerful stories of resilience and liberation. Curated by Nya Lewis, this year’s program includes 7 features and a shorts program with films from Canada, Africa, the Caribbean, UK, and the US, plus a free Vancity Impact Talk. Available on VIFF Connect until March 4.

"VIFF celebrates Black voices in cinema, engaging in the storytelling of Black filmmakers, Black writers and Black actors that are shifting the paradigm, using film as a language of revolution. Amongst the calls to action, the movement also exists to safeguard Black expressionism. It defends our humanity, it protects our access to being. The revolution is all that encompasses Black liberation. It is joy, rest, laughter, and play. It is fight, pain, glory, and triumph.

Against all odds, Black filmmakers create reflections of the nuanced social, political and economic experiences of the Black community. The definition of resistance is in constant flux, shape shifting. It is as resourceful as we are, ever expanding to find fuller ways to continue the critical discourse surrounding the politicization of Blackness. “Everywhere We Are” celebrates the underrepresented stories of global Black resistance, cinema for the movement.

Beyond the notion of representation, we acknowledge the impact of documenting these untold stories. The unbridled willingness to name and reclaim what revolution looks like to us. It is in the mundane, the day to day, occupying space, and showing up for the collective well being. By merely authentically living, these films forge critical connections, and reveal the power of worldwide activism. The movement is everywhere we are."

Black History Month Curator, Nya Lewis,

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