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Return to Hairy Hill film image

Ignite: 2023


Image: Return to Hairy Hill, Short Fuse, VIFF 2023

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Aitamaako'tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun film image

Aitamaako’tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun

A thrilling portrait of a young Siksika woman as she trains for one of the most dangerous horse races in the world: on bareback. Logan Red Crow is an Indian Relay rider who vaults from horse to horse in exhilarating races. She is a champion in the making.

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Asog film image


This unique, deeply moving film blends documentary with surreal comedy. Jaya, a non-binary teacher, and student Arnel are on a roadtrip across the Philippines, meeting inspiring people along the way. A film about resilience, climate change, and belonging.

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Common Ground film image

Common Ground

An eye-opening plea to care for the thing that feeds us, balances the climate, and sustains life on earth: soil. Common Ground unveils the potential of regenerative farming, to show us how saving the soil can help save us, and the planet, along with it.

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Let the River Flow film image

Let the River Flow

Ester, a young Sámi woman, ties to hide her ethnicity to avoid ostracism in 1970s Norway without betraying her roots. Struggling to navigate her shifting cultural identity, she joins with Sámi activists to protest a major dam that would flood Sámi lands.

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The Old Oak film image

The Old Oak

The local pub is virtually the last community gathering place in an impoverished northern town. when an influx of Syrian refugees stokes xenophobic backlash, TJ, the bar’s owner steps up and help the newcomers — against the anger of some of his regulars.

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Richelieu film image


A translator working for a plant that hires seasonal workers from Guatemala is, at first, determined to obey the sometimes excessive directives of the young boss, but she befriends the workers and tries to defend them against the exploitation they face.

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Return to Hairy Hill film image

Short Fuse

An innovative and eye-opening collection of animated and experimental Canadian shorts. A collection that inspires new approaches to the moving image on screen and re-imagines compelling perspectives, histories, memories and formative life experiences.

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Tsugaru Lacquer Girl film image

Tsugaru Lacquer Girl

Traditional lacquerwork is the Aoki family’s legacy. When Seishiro wants to hand it down to his son Yu, he is faced with conflict. His daughter Miyako cares more for the craft, pushing a collision of gender politics and traditional domestic roles.

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Union Street film image

Union Street

Vancouver destroyed its historic Black community in the 1960s. The legacies of this thriving community are still felt, and a new generation of Black Vancouverites work to rebuild, facilitate Black joy and redefine what it means to be African-Canadian.

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WaaPaKe film image


WaaPaKe is a story about resilience, love and transformation. Examined through an Indigenous lens, the stories of residential school Survivor-Warriors and their families offer an understanding of both intergenerational trauma and healing.

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